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At Kazmier Tooling Inc. we specialize in press break Tooling.

Tooling Steel Specifications

Unless otherwise indicated, all Kazmier Press Brake Tooling is made from high quality alloy steel specially engineered for press break tooling applications.  This medium carbon alloy offers excellent strength and durability.  It is easily machined and can be flame hardened to increase durability

  • Hardness: 265-321 on the Brinell Scale, 28-32 on the Rockwell "C" Scale

  • Machinability: This steel is easily machined and milled in its prehardened condition.  Die surfaces are easily polished due to rigid quality control standards insuring a uniform ASTM grain size between 5 and 8.

  • Additional Hardening:  This steel can be flame hardened to a depth of up to .125"(3.1mm) on work surfaces.  This increases the hardness to 480-560 on the Brinell Scale, 50-55 on the Rockwell "C" Scale.  It can be remachined after flame hardening provided it is annealed first.

Die Holder/Riser Block Specifications

In order to provide a good base for your dies, we machine A36 plate to the finished sizes of your order.  Normally holders will be made an inserted tongue for mounting in the press brake.  Other options are available as shown on page 15 for an additional charge.  Please specify what type of mounting system you want on your holder when requesting a quote or placing an order.

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